Python VTK Pipeline Browser

This package of Python programs/modules provides a VTK pipeline browser similar to Paul Rajlich's Tcl vtkPipeline. The scripts are free and are distributed under the BSD License. The scripts use Tkinter for the GUI and a TreeWidget taken from IDLE (the Python IDE). The TreeWidget itself is distributed under the Python license and is included with this package. Also provided is a simple VTK object "pickler". Using this one can save the state of a VTK object to a file and reload it later (serialize the VTK object). Not every method is dumped but most of the useful ones are.

This pipeline browser ships with MayaVi. Earlier, the browser used to be packaged separately as well but this has been discontinued since MayaVi installs the VTK pipeline browser nicely using distutils and MayaVi itself is pretty small.


  • NEWS -- Read about the latest features and updates on the VTK pipeline browser.


Click here to read the usage instructions.
The latest version of the vtkPipeline browser is always available via CVS. You will have to check out the mayavi module. The vtkPipeline directory contains the pipeline browser. Please remember that the CVS version is likely to be unstable.


The screenshots below show a window with the VTK pipeline and another window which presents a GUI for configuring one particular VTK object called a vtkOpenGLProperty. Any of the objects in the displayed pipeline can be configured by double clicking on the appropriate object.

Browser Window

Configuration Window

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