Download the latest MayaVi stable release. Available with this release are an unofficial Debian package (for Sarge), an RPM for Python 2.3, a source tarball and zip file. Standalone binary packages for Linux and Win32 are also available. The larger files are the standalone binaries. Read the release notes for more details. Read the installation instructions for more details on the installation. The files released also ship with a HTML version of the MayaVi users guide.
CVS snapshots of MayaVi
You can find fairly recent CVS snapshots of MayaVi here. Sources, RPMS, Debian packages, Win32 and Linux binaries should be available here. The CVS snapshot Debian packages should be a drop in replacement for the mayavi package that is in woody/testing/unstable. Just download and install the deb. The RPMS will require that you install the VTK-Python nightly RPMS. The Linux and Win32 binaries are standalone packages that you should be able to install without even a local Python installation. These snapshots should be fairly stable but are not releases. Caveat emptor!

Installation instructions for the stable packages are available here and also along with the package. The latest version of the MayaVi users guide is available for download and online browsing here.

Please note that the latest development sources and documentation for MayaVi are always available via CVS. Please be warned that the CVS code might not be stable.

Last modified: 13 Sep 2005