MayaVi Users Guide

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MayaVi is a scientific data visualizer. It is written in Python and uses the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the visualization. An easy to use GUI using Tkinter is provided. MayaVi is free software and is distributed under the conditions of the BSD license. It is also cross platform and should run on any platform where both Python and VTK are available (which is almost any *nix, Mac OSX or Windows).

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Getting started
Starting MayaVi
Command line arguments
Basic options
Advanced options
The MayaVi Window
3. Using MayaVi
The Basic Design of MayaVi
The Control Panel
Data formats
Opening a data file
Visualizing the Data
Navigating the Visualization
Picking data
Configuring the lights
The Menus
File Menu
Visualize Menu
Options Menu
Help Menu
Module Documentation
Filter Documentation
4. Using MayaVi from Python
An example
Generating some data
Visualize the generated data
Using VTK data objects
Standalone MayaVi scripts
Useful Python Modules
The Interactive VTK module
The MayaVi tools sub-package
5. Information for Developers
Source Organization
Extending MayaVi
User defined sources, modules and filters
General guidelines and information